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The Center for Coordination of Support of Export-Oriented Subjects of Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurship provides the provision of export-oriented subjects of small and medium-sized businesses with the following services on a gratuitous basis.
on export activities
on export activities, including through the involvement of outside experts
in the formation and promotion of the export and relevant investment proposal, including in the preparation and translation into foreign languages of presentation and other materials
meetings and negotiations with foreign business entities in the territory of the subject of the Russian Federation, including the provision of premises for negotiations, technical and linguistic support of negotiations, payment of expenses for accommodation and travel of foreign partners to the place of negotiations
Creation and (or) modernization
site of an export-oriented small and medium-sized business entity in the information and telecommunications network "Internet", containing contact information about such a subject, as well as information about the goods produced by it (works performed, services provided), including in a foreign language
webinars, round tables, conferences, forums, seminars, master classes and other public events on the subject of export activities for small and medium-sized businesses
in the organization of participation of small and medium-sized businesses in international exhibitions and fairs and congress events on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad
in the organization of participation of export-oriented small and medium-sized business entities in international business missions, including the lease of a negotiating room, technical and linguistic support for negotiations, transportation of participants by road (except for taxis) and (or) by rail from the place of arrival to a foreign state to the place of accommodation and from the place of accommodation to the venue of the event
in organizing the participation of export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses in interregional business missions - collective trips of representatives of at least three subjects of small and medium-sized businesses to other constituent entities of the Russian Federation with preliminary organizational training, including the identification of potential interestants, if necessary, exhibiting and displaying goods (works , services) with a view to promoting them, determining the degree of interest in cooperation and obtaining the opposite response, preparation of necessary presentation and promotional materials, and conducting bilateral business negotiations (hereinafter - inter-regional business mission) - in case of arrival of a delegation of foreign entrepreneurs - potential buyers of products of small and medium-sized businesses in another constituent entity of the Russian Federation
in providing protection and registration of rights to the results of intellectual activity in the Russian Federation and abroad, including the conduct of patent studies, in order to determine the current patent situation in foreign product markets, as envisaged by projects of export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses, including verification of the possibility of free use products without the danger of violating existing patents; analysis to identify potential counterparts and competitors, identify and select objects of licenses, purchase a patent
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